Monday, August 25, 2008


Bittersweet Day!

Well the first day of school. Well not for Hayden at least. He started last week. He is in the 5th grade this year. His teacher is Mrs. Warner. He is starting in a brand new school this year. Hidden Hollow Elementary. It is a 2 story. The kindergarten through 3rd grade are on the bottom level with 4th through 6th on the top level. So of course Hayden is on the top level. He loves it. He has two of his friends in his class this year as well . Jared Heer and Ethan I can't remember his last name. But he is really excited to have then in his class.

Now to talk about Cortlyn this is her first day of KINDERGARTEN. Wow I can't believe it is time for her to be that big and go to school. I asked her this morning if she wanted me to walk her to the bus stop and then meet her at school to help her find her teacher and everything and she told me NO! She said that I can walk her to the bus stop tomorrow. So she agreed to let me walk her today but not tomorrow. So I walked her to the bus stop and said my goodbyes. She was so grown up getting on the bus. She was really excited to go to school. Her teacher this year is Miss Palkki. She is a young teacher but I think that she will be a great teacher and Cortlyn will have a great school year.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Hair cut

Oh my gosh! We cut Ty's hair. He went from an Afro to almost no hair at all. It was getting to the point that if it was not in the braids we didn't do his hair. He hated it when you would comb it and it was always in snarls. Not worth the trouble. So yesterday afternoon I mentioned to Brad that his hair was out of control and I think we should cut it of. It was getting to hard to do and he was crying every time you tried to do it. He said then lets cut it. Of course Ty cried while I was doing it cause in order to shave his hair you had to cut it like you were shaving a sheep in layers. The clippers would get stuck or pull his hair. I felt so bad but once you start you can't stop. But I am not sure if I like it or not, it is still growing on me. But I really like his hair long. Maybe now we won't get the "oh what a cute girl" comment any more. He looks alot older with his hair short.

7th grader

Wow can you believe this beautiful young lady! Yes this is her first day as a 7th grader at Willowcreek Junior High. Isn't she adorable. She has definetly grown up. She was a little nervous today. All the 7th graders went to school without the 8th and 9th graders, which I think helped calm some nerves. She was so afraid that someone would shove her in a locker. Fortunatly for her the lockers are to small to be shoved in. I had a moment where I thought to myself that she is not old enough to be going to junior high. Which means that I am getting old! I was a little scared for her as well. Hoping that she found all her classes and started to make some new friends. She did find all her classes but the friends from last year were not up to speed with her liking. Which I think is fine I would rather have her find new friends then hang out with ones that don't really respect themselves or anyone else. She has the personality to make friends easily. She will do great! So go and reach for the stars this year Shawnee and remember who you are!

Friday, August 15, 2008

What a BLAST!

River running down the Snake River in Jacksonhole, Wyoming. We have so much fun. We go every year. All my brothers and their families come along with my dad and Machelle, Sarah and grandma Linda. Shawnee and Hayden brought a friend this year. Lexi Svedi and Jared Heer. We missed Adam and Heather this year, new baby. Maybe next year. We run the river at least twice a day. The kids love it. We took Ammon, Cortlyn, Sarah and Kate down this year and they are addicted! They loved going as long as they weren't in the "wet zone." The wet zone is the front of the boat that gets the wettest. The only one that braved the front was Kate and she was soaked. You could see the goosebumps on her little legs but she never complained. They will never be left back at camp again.

One the first day second run we ran into a movie star getting on the river in a kayak. Right next to us. We couldn't believe who it was. It was Vince Vaughn. We exchanged some words and he was on his way. We didn't really recognize him with the helmet on his head but as soon as he said something we knew that it was him. Who would of thought that we would see a celebrity on our vacation. Pretty cool.

We went through the week without anyone getting to seriously hurt. Lexi fell in on one of the rapids called The Rope. She just lost her balance and plopped in. She held onto the rope that is on the boat and we pulled her in. No one fell out at the BIG KAHUNA! Here are all the kids that survived the BIG KAHUNA! Minus Tyrell of course. Sorry buddy you are still to little to go down. Maybe in a few years. They are officially river rats for life. They won't be left in camp again.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

cabin in Mount Pleasant

Here is the cabin we are working on. The side views and the back. We have to admit we have the best view in the valley from here. We can look in all directions and see what ever we want. We have a view of the mountains to the left, mountains on the back and the valley of Mount Pleasant, Moroni and Fairview on the right. For the fourth of July we watched Mount Pleasant and Moroni fireworks from the porch of the cabin. It was fantastic to see both at the same time. You can even hear the sound of the creek running down the hill from here. It is so sereal.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

24th of July

So for the 24th of July we went to the cabin. Wade and his family were here from California.

As you can tell we had a blast. We swam in the pool. Even the adults played in the pool.Played games and played on the tetter tatter. Grandpa and Grandma Turner came up for a bbq that afternoon. We missed Teisha and Sadie they were in California with her family. We even went to the drive in movie and watched Walle. We enjoyed each others company for a day that is. Poor Livi got sick. Amanda took Livi and Rori back to her moms and Wade and Noah
stayed. Here is Wade in his muscle shirt with a nipple earring. That was hilarious. You go Wade. It was nice to have Wade, Amanda and the kids here in Utah. We miss you.

Family reunion

We got together at my cousin Melyssa's house for a family reunion this summer. It was fantastic to see everyone, and learn some things I didn't know! They had a fun water slide the kids could go on and a bouncing house, Lots of great company and fantastic food. Thanks Melyssa you did a great job. We should go this every year. Anyway these are my grandparents Wayne and Fern Bateman. I believe they are 96 years old this year. Don't they look GREAT! I will always cherish this picture. They have been the best grandparents anyone could ask for. You guys are the greatest and I love you! It was great to see your smiling faces. You haven't changed a bit.