Thursday, June 23, 2011

Junior Mr. T

Ty before his hair cut
Ty after his hair cut.
Brad thought it would be cool to give him a Mohawk. Ty thinks it is cool to look like Mr. T. He also thinks that now that he has this hair cut he can act like Mr. T. too. Love the hair cuts that we give our kids. We also like to use them against them when they get older. :)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Demolition Derby

The Drill team wanted a car in the 1st Eagle Mountain Derby. When Brad heard, he was all over it. He found a car and fixed it up. The Drill team came and painted it up nice and pretty. Yes Brad is driving this hunk of junk. NICE CAR HUH!!! This is what it looked like at the beginning of the race. Brad got in a few good hits of his own.
Unfortunately he got hit more than he wanted to.
Lets just say boys DON'T play nice at this game.

He survived the first race. His car on the other hand broke the drive line and put a nice big hole in the passenger side door. He had an awesome pit crew that put the drive line back on and he was on his way to the next round. Thanks Todd and Drew. You saved his bacon.
A little smashed up in the back. Needed a new tire but it drives.
Not sure if Brad is ready for round 2. What a good sport he was.
WATCH OUT!!! Here they come.
Poor Brad. :( Hold on.
VICTORY!!!! He made it. He had a blast. He didn't win but gave it all he had and then some. Those men can be brutal. Just so you know he was running with the BIG boys who have driven in a derby many times. This was Brad's first time. They were out to get the Rookie. He is a little sore today but all in all he would do it again. As for me I am not so sure about it. Maybe if we put him in a giant foam bubble that will keep him from bouncing all over the place. Nice job honey.

Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day. Isn't this the cutest picture ever. Kenzie is fighting Hayden and won't hold still long enough to have her picture taken. Ty is looking at something other then me and the older three are just wanting this to be over. Well sorry we are going to have a picture here every year until I am gone. I want to remember this day so that one day you can look back and think. WOW wish I would have meet this wonderful person that is buried here. I am sure she would have been a fun grandma. Look at her beautiful grandchildren. Here's to all those that have gone on before and have fought for our freedom. We will love you and always miss you deeply.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

One Amazing Man and One Week

For the last week this wonderful man whom I call my husband. Spent the week at this lady's home. Now its not what you think. It's a good thing. He helped make this amazing women's life a little easier.
You see this woman named Katie Terry was in an accident which left her paralyzed from the waist down. She has two children that both need her attention more than most. Her home was in need of a makeover. She had a hard time getting around her home. It was not wheel chair accessible.
So Heart 2 Home (a non profit foundation) approach Brad and asked if he would be willing to help. Well if you know Brad he was NOT going to pass on an opportunity to help someone that needs it. He meet with Katie earlier in the month to get her concerns with the house. She needed a whole new master bathroom. It was not made to fit a wheel chair. There were holes in the wall and a normal tub that it took her 20 minutes just to get in. Carpet through out the whole house which is very hard to wheel your chair on. The kitchen was small and narrow with no way for her to cook or do her dishes. She had to put a hot pot on her lap to take it to the table or counter. Very difficult to do her kitchen duties without it taking extra effort from her.
The wonderful husband that I have redid the whole upstairs for her. She was only expecting the bathroom and the kitchen. She got a lot more than that. Brad tore down walls, ripped out carpet, tore out the whole kitchen, and even landscaped her yard. She now has a bathroom that she can wheel her chair into and turn around without banging into the wall. She can even wheel her chair right into the shower and wheel under her sink to brush her teeth. They repainted all the rooms including the kids. Brad put new hardwood through out the whole house except the kids rooms. They got new carpet. Widened the walk spaces so that Katie's chair could fit with no problem. And the best part was he gave her a brand new bigger kitchen. She has a stove and sink that she can wheel her chair underneath so that she can cook and wash dishes so much easier. Cabinets that pull down so that she can reach everything that is in them. More counter space and a place to eat dinner with her kids together.
You don't realize the little things that she does on a daily basic that we take for granted everyday. She has never said Why me or I wish. She truly is an amazing woman. She has done the St. George Marathon and many more races and just recently finished the Boston Marathon. Katie is always willing to help someone else out. While Brad was working on her house Katie was helping with another Heart 2 Home project. I wish everyone could meet this woman. She always has a smile on her face and loves life. I am so grateful that Brad has this opportunity to serve this energetic, full of life, and AMAZING woman. It reminds me that life is full of surprises but to take it as it comes and love every minute of it.