Friday, April 24, 2009

What's in a name

So I just wanted to explain Kenzie's name to everyone and so that I don't forget when she finally asks how she got her name. The agency lets the birth mothers pick the name, whether or not you choose to keep the name or not. So in our case we choose to keep the name that her birth mother gave her but used it for her middle name. Her birth mother told us that when Kenzie was born she looked at her and knew that it was to be Lyric. Lyric is a movie that has Jada Pinkett Smith in it and that is the birth mothers favorite actress. When she looked at Kenzie she thought that she had Jada's eyes. That is how she came up with the name Lyric. Now why we choose to keep the name was because after all that this birth mother has done for us what a better way to repay her and to let her know that we care and appreciate all that she has given up. We are so in love with this little girl. And are so grateful for this birth mother who sacrificed everything she had to let us raise this sweet little spirit.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Our New Addition

So please welcome Kenzie, Lyric to our family. She was born April 13, 2009. She weighed in at 5 pounds 9 ounces and 17 and a quarter inches long. She is very tiny but so beautiful. We are so glad to have her here with us. I am sure you are all wondering the story behind this little miracle. Well I will try to tell you the best that I can. It started awhile ago when me and Brad fasted and prayed to know if we were to adopt again. One day out of the blue our case worker from Ty called and asked if we would like to adopt again, there were a couple of girls that were due pretty soon and no families to take them. Well if that wasn't obvious. We had to say yes. This was the second week in March. We didn't get picked for any of the girls that were due soon. We went on vacation to Cancun and while we were there I got a phone call from the agency asking if we wanted to be shown to another girl she was due on April 13th. No hesitation there. Yes of course. We head to the airport the next day and I get another call the birthmother wants to talk to us. I tell them we are in the airport headed home we should arrive at 8:30pm that day. They agree to a conference call later that night. Well our last flight was delayed so that made it later for us. As we are taxing into the terminal I turned my phone back on and it wasn't a couple of minutes and the phone rang they were ready for the conference call. We obviously were not. So we postponed until 10:00pm that night. Now, no one knows that we are doing this but three people. My aunt Deb and my two friends Julie P. and Julie H. So when we get home from our trip we say hello to the kids and my phone rings again. We send the kids downstairs to bed and talked to Chaquita. Everything went well we talked for half an hour. My case worker calls back the next day and says that Chaquita wants to go to dinner and meet with you she hasn't picked you but she wants to talk. Ok. We talked on Thursday night the 20th of March and we went to dinner that Monday the 23rd. I was so nervous but it all went well. My case worker called and said we did great she will call to let us know if she decided on anything. Not a couple of minutes later she calls back and says she picked us. We were exstatic!!! The next couple of weeks were a hazy as we tried so hard not to tell and give it away. We did go to dinner one more time on the 8th of April. Chaquita did not want us in the delivery room or at the hospital at all that day. So we just hung tight until we heard something. She was born at 12:27pm that afternoon. We were to go up to the hospital the next day(tuesday April 14th) to sign papers and get this finalized. We arrive at 11:30am. We sign our end of the deal and our case worker (Jody) says that they are in Chaquita's room working on her end of the deal. She signs and we are happy campers, all but.... we haven't seen this baby of ours yet and Chaquita doesn't want anyone in her room right now. So we are a little bummed but we know that it is ok cause no matter what now she is ours. A half an hour later we get the go ahead to go see the baby. She was BEAUTIFUL! She looked just like here birthmother. We stayed and talked and held the baby for about and hour and let Chaquita have the rest of the day to herself to day her goodbyes. Which of course we were ok with cause how are we suppose to explain to the kids that we have another "meeting" we have to go to. So we leave for the hospital at 7:00am the next morning so we can talk to the doctor and get the baby discharged. We get there to find that the doctor had already been there and we missed him so now we are just stuck at the hospital to wait until noon to leave. We were a little disappointed about that, we could have stayed home and left later and not wasted our time at the hospital. Oh well we had a chance to set and talk to each other and decide on a name and the experience we were having compared to Ty's adoption. Which by the way it was so much nicer this time around. I would do this again in a heart beat if it was like this every time. So it was finally time to be discharged. We walk to the room and find Chaquita in her non maturnity pants and the baby dressed in all pink with a cute hat and blanket to match. She says to us " hi mom and dad" as she is holding the baby. We felt so good. We talked for a little while and we are getting ready and the nurse walks in and says we have to wait for the doctor to call back and give the ok to release the baby. Her belly rubuen was a little elevated. She we wait an hour for the doctor to finally call back and give us the ok. We loaded up the baby. Chaquita wanted to walk out with us. She was so cute. We give her our goodbyes and walk the other way.

Now for the surprise. Remember that no one knew. So we have the kids go into the other room and wait for us to come in and close their eyes. I had the video camera ready and Brad walks in with the baby that is so small that all you can see it this ball and a blanket. The kids look at him and they are a little confused. They say "what is that" Brad says "your sister" The kids just look at him again. I say "came and meet your baby sister" They jump off the couch and walk over to Brad and say "oh my gosh" "she is so cute". "I don't believe it". "Shs's so little." Over and over again. They couldn't believe that they had a baby sister. They fought over her the whole day. I had to take my turn to hold her at night of course.Obviously she will be very loved. We are so grateful to have her with us and look forward to the day when we can be sealed in the temple forever. Thanks to our agency A Guardian Angel and Jody for being a great case worker for the second time around.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Shoot the bear

Ty was carry a huge toy gun that Hayden got from Camp Floyd around the house. He would say I shoot the bear, I shoot the bear. He loves to watch the outdoor channel with Brad and will always say shoot the elk or shoot the dear, daddy. One night he had the gun and he was saying shoot the bear and I asked him what color of bear he was going to shoot. He said a PINK one! I have no idea where that even came from but I thought that was cute. He doesn't know his colors yet. I know for sure that when he is old enough that he will go and shoot a bear with his daddy.