Monday, November 2, 2009

[ HallOwEeN 2009 ]

We had one SpOOktAcULar party with all the cousins. We started off with trick-o-treating in my dads neighborhood. We took pictures and had the yummiest soup and bread sticks for dinner. Yes we even had a couple of spiders join us for a quick drink. After dinner we had a donut eating contest. It is funny to see the kids really get into this. They love it. After having their fill of donut we headed inside to decorate our cookies. They all came up with different ones and they tasted soooo good. The kids then ran around the house on a sugar high. Ty at that point was coughing so bad that he was gagging himself. That was the cue to head on home. Shawnee this year was superman with the red underwear and all. Hayden a whoopie cushion, Cortlyn a stylish hippie, Ty a three eyed monster and Kenzie a cow in a tutu. What a fun day to be surrounded by family that loves us.