Monday, May 2, 2011

Spring Break and Kenzie's 2nd Birthday

Kenzie this year got to have 2 birthdays. She was so excited to blow her candles out that we had to relight them a couple of times because we weren't done singing before she had blown them out.
Here is her cake. I think I am getting better at the cake thing.:)
We headed to the Little Sahara sand dunes for spring break. We were sure glad we did. The first night was a little chilly with the wind and rain. But the next morning and after that was BEAUTIFUL. Sun was shining, warm temps and good times. Doesn't Shawnee look so CUTE? Everyone wore there goobles (goggles). That is what Ty would call them. They helped with not getting sand in your eyes.
Cortlyn being brave and climbing a pretty steep hill and then she would jump it at the top. The kids loved this hill. They would go over and over again.
Shawnee, Danielle, Kenzie and Sammie the dog riding the ranger going up one of the hills. Shawnee thought she was awesome driving that around.
Ty climbing the same steep hill. He couldn't jump it. He would barely make it up if he didn't get a good run of it. We have to turn the accelerator down on his four wheeler. He thinks he is evil can evil on that four wheeler.
Hayden catching some sweet air.
We had a ton of fun making sand castles. They were out there for over an hour. But what a great castle.
We had to do a little sledding while we were there. The kids love it!
Ty was helping with the castle building.
Cortlyn and Kenzie sledding down the hill. Kenzie wanted to go over and over.
Here is Kenzie's 1st cake. Strawberry shortcake cupcake from the sweet tooth fairy. Very Yummy.
She got to open a few presents on her actual birthday. She got a sand castle bucket full of all the castle building supplies and a bag of mamba's. When we got home we had another party with presents. She got new shoes, clothes, books and a new bed. Spoiled little girl.
Kenzie loves being outside. But she loves, loves, loves going on a ranger ride with anyone that will take her. What a great couple of days. The weather was great and the kids had a blast. Singing around the camp fire was the best part. Making up your own words to any song was hilarious. Ty was awesome. He has his dad's talent of making up songs and the drop of a hat. So Cute.