Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Spring Break

We headed to the Sand dunes for Spring Break this year. The weather was perfect. Not to hot with a little breeze. The sun was actually shinning. Shawnee getting ready to go for a ride.
Ty had to gear up with his helmet that so overpowers him to ride the four wheeler. He was loving the dunes. He made his dad go on all the high hills and jumps. He was mad when it was time to get off. He loves to ride the wheelers.

He also did a little trailer sledding.

Hayden practicing his skills in the dunes. He was getting a little brave and going off jumps and climbing steep hills.

Sand Sledding anyone? This was the highlight of the whole trip. We camped across from the play area. All the kids did was get up and head to the sand hill to play. They made sand castles, and sled down the sand. They were so full of sand by the time they were done, but they didn't care they had a blast!!!

Kenzie even got into having a little fun while we were there. She didn't' like the sand at first but after a little while she was all over the place. Throwing sand and riding her little bike, or should I say sitting on her bike. We took her around on the four wheeler and she loved it. Didn't want to get off.

Shawnee getting in on the sand sledding. She had a lot of fun. Shawnee and her friend Shey slept in the tent. The weather really was nice until Saturday when we had a lot of people coming out just for the day. We made sloppy Joe's with chips, baked beans, jello salad and a Caesar salad and by the time we were done dishing up all the food except the sloppy Joe's and the beans were so full of sand that we had to throw away the food. Nothing like eating a crunchy jello salad. But we had a fun time and can't wait to go back.

Friday, April 16, 2010


So Ty the other night was giving the pray. I have to help him say it and all of a sudden he says Pause. Mom pause. I look up and he is worried that his sister Kenzie has a napkin in her hand. I take care of it and he finishes his prayer. Gotta love this kid. So sweet and Innocent yet so devious.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Birthday Girl

HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY KENZIE!!!! You were not afraid to eat your cake. You Dov right in. You had a wonderful day everyone was here to help you celebrate. You got some wonderful things. A new doll from grandma Machelle, beautiful dress from grandma Taunya, and clothes and shoes with a new car seat that I think everyone gets on their first birthday, with a couple of toys. You also get to share your birthday with your uncle Adam and your cousin Luke. How special is that? I am a little funny when it comes to birthday cakes. We very rearly buy a cake at the store. So this is my version of a number 1. They are not always perfect and neat but I can say that I made it and put forth the effort for the kids special day. They will always know that I love them.
I can not believe that a year has gone by. This little girl has grown up fast. She is walking, saying ba ba ba, mom, dad and what I think is yesssss. She loves to watch American Idol. She will clap right on cue and scream yahhh. She loves to ride her rocking horse and she will click her tongue. She has watched Ty ride his four wheeler and thinks that she can and then she will stand up with no hands. She is climbing on everything from the fireplace to the couch. She will throw a BIG tantrum when she doesn't get what she wants. We are in big trouble. She IS the PRINCESS!!!! But we love her no matter what. So glad that she is part of this family. She brings a wonderful spirit into our home. Her smile and laugh will make you laugh out loud, it is very contagious. Happy Birthday Baby Girl! WE LOVE YOU!!!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Hayden loves books and reads like no other so the Easter bunny brought him 2 books to read over Spring Break
Shawnee loves clothes so what a better gift then a shirt and food

Kenzie her first Easter. She was loving all the treats that she got in her basket. Fruit loops and teddy grahams, plus a little chocolate. I don't think she ever stopped eating. Any time someone had a treat she had to have some.

Cortlyn got sidewalk chalk in her basket this year. She loves to draw and what a better way then to draw outside and save on the environment and to stay out of my way in the summer months. That is if it ever decides to warm up.

Ty got a bat and ball set for Easter. He was hitting the ball like a pro. He also used the bat as a sword too. He is such a boy. Notice the bag of marshmallows. Yes he LOVES marshmallows. If I would let him he would eat the whole bag for breakfast.

Cortlyn loves her hard boiled eggs.

Kenzie thought this was something that she could eat. Egg shell not so good.

Haydens egg that he decorated with his name

Ty loved decorating eggs this year. He had 8 eggs that he decorated. He would put one egg in a color and then pull it out and put it into another color. He did this with all the eggs. He was having a blast. He came up with some pretty bright colored eggs.

The family enjoying coloring eggs. Kenzie was even getting into it. She just grabbed anything she could reach

Easter Egg hunting at my dad's house with all the grand kids. We had to bring a dozen eggs for each kid plus 2 prize eggs. All the kids got 2 prize eggs with a prize at the end. Yes I had 70 eggs that I had to bring. I now I have a lot of kids. But it was worth it. They had so much fun.

It was a little cold Saturday afternoon.

Cortlyn has a good eye. She spied one up in a tree

Kenzie was having fun too. This is her cute Easter dress at least part of it. I made it this year. I think it turned out pretty cute. I think I might start selling them.

Ty got into hunting the eggs this year. He was running all over the place to find an egg.