Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Cortlyn's class field trip was to the zoo. Brad asked if he could drive for Cortlyn's class. He got it so he drove the bus for Cortlyn's class. Cortlyn had a blast. She got to sit right up front with her dad. Me and the little kids decided we would meet them there. Boy you wouldn't have thought that the last week in April we would be wearing our coats.
Ty and Kenzie were troopers. They loved the carousel. Kenzie kept bouncing up and down and clicking her tongue. She DID NOT want to get off.

Yes that is snow on the ground. We had gloves, hats, coats and a jacket under our coats and we were still cold. Not a good day to visit the zoo. All the animals were in there cages trying to stay warm. No elephants or Rhinos today.

Cortlyn poising by the big elephant. She had a great time with her leader. This was the only time that we saw Cortlyn. They didn't stay in one place to long and Ty wasn't ready to leave some places so we let her go and enjoyed taking our time.

Ty's favorite was the tigers and the monkeys. He liked looking at the giraffe from eye level. He wasn't a fan of looking at them from hoof level. He took me to the second level at the giraffes and then he had to show Brad. We were only there for two hours and that was long enough. TOO COOOOOLD!!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

One fine day

The weather was actually nice for a day. So the little kids decided to go play outside. Kenzie finally got to wear a cute summer outfit with sandles. Gotta love this picture. Love of a sister.

Isn't he the handsomest little boy you ever say!!!!

My cute little bug!!!

This is Kenzie's new favorite thing to do. Ride on the fourwheeler with Ty. He drives of course. I know only one person on at a time but when you have a little girl who is throwing a fit and can't do it herself you kind of have to break the rules. She was pretty mad when she had to get off.