Monday, February 28, 2011

WOW! What a month.

Kenzie is getting into my shoes. She loves to go into my closet and pick the tallest and loudest shoes. The thing is she can walk in them just fine. The shoes are loud because she walks on the hardwood floor. She is one funny little girl. I am starting to potty train her. She can't leave her diaper on so I figured it was time. She is doing pretty good.
Happy Birthday Shawnee. She turned 15. Man am I in trouble or what. I have to say that I did make this cake. I was pretty proud of myself. I just took a class and it really helped. I always try to make the kids cakes. But now they can look better.
Isn't she happy on her birthday. We love her anyways. I am getting old. All she wanted for her birthday was her permit. I have to admit I am scared to death to let her drive, scared to death that she is getting older and scared to have a full fledge teen living in my house. We are already having boy and girl parties. At my house so that I have control of what is going on. Oh the joys of having a teen in the house.
Yes this child goes without clothes 90% of the time. So most of the pictures we take he is wearing no shirt. At least he is comfortable in his own skin.
Valentines flowers for all the girls. Man their dad must really love them. Kenzie was loving the flowers. She carried them around, smelling them and even broke one off. But she didn't care.
Kenzie is in to dress ups. She loves to twirl around and show off her dress. She made this creation all her self with no help. Isn't she the cutest girl ever!
Ty is only 4 years old and yes he is driving his only four wheeler. He wants me to make invitations to his race that he thinks he is going to have. He wants to have a race with a finish line and invite all his cousins. Maybe he is going to be a racer when he grows up. Dream big buddy. You can do anything you set your mind to.