Monday, June 28, 2010


Whoa Nellie, rotated to far around. At least you made contact with the ball. Good job Buddie
SWING!!!!!! Love the facial.

He is in the stance, ready for the ball. Come on already, Aaron throw me the ball.

So you need to scroll from the bottom to the top to get the whole picture. We were at my dads the other day and they were playing baseball. TY was having a ball. So we had to get the camera out and take a few shoots. He did awesome. Guess I better get him in a little league some where. He is a natural. I love this first picture. He is biting his little lip trying to concentrate.

Summer fun

Me and my neighbor Julie took the kids up to Tibble Fork for a little picnic since both the dads where out of town for the night. WE had so much fun. The kids played in the water and stopped long enough to poise for a picture. Isn't Cortlyn so cute.
My neighbor and her girls Lauren and Kate, With Shawnee, Cortlyn, TY and Kenzie. Eating out yummy dinner picnic. Ty was wanting to push Kenzie in her stroller. I didn't let him go to far.

Kenize what a Doll!

Shawnee a beautiful young woman!

The kids with Timpanogos behind them. SO pretty. They thought that the water was so cool running down the dam. They wanted to ride down it.

Cortlyn, Lauren and Kate all braved the freezing water. They had a blast walking back and forth in the little stream. Ty took his shoes off but put one toe in and had a fit. We put his shoes back on and he was content throwing rocks. Kenzie on the other hand loved playing in the water. I took her shoes off and she was practically running into the water. She has no fear what so ever.

Friday, June 18, 2010


The kids were begging to get wet. So out to the tramp they go. It was finally good enough weather that they could. It has been a crazy spring/summer around here. Very cold and rainy.
Gotta love Ty hand around his big brothers neck. So SWEET!!
Shawnee thought that she could take her brother down. Nice try thought. He can definitely stand his ground. She tried three different times and still she couldn't do it. Give up Girl.

Cortlyn wanted to sit and have the cold water hit her and sit for as long as she could. She didn't make it but 30 seconds. The water was pretty chilly.

Kenzie LOVES the water. She doesn't care if it is freezing cold outside or not. She wants to play in the water and she always has her mouth open so she can drink it. I love when the water hits her hair it looks like dew drops on the grass in the morning.

Ty was getting in on the hole in the hose water sprinkler. He loves the water to as long as it doesn't get in his eyes. So fun at these ages. So glad that maybe summer is finally here and the kids can enjoy the outdoors a little more. I took the kids to the park and Kenzie climbed up the stairs and went down the little slide all by herself. You would have thought that she was this little independent person. She thought that was the neatest thing to do. We were there an hour and that is all that she did. This girl has no fear.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Wayne Martin Bateman

Wayne Martin Bateman 1914 ~ 2010 Loving Husband, Father, Grand-father and Great-GrandfatherWayne Martin Bateman, 95, passed away June 7, 2010 in the home of his daughter Mary McDonald in Meridian, Idaho, causes incident to age. Wayne was born October 15, 1914 to Royal James Bateman and Maude Elizabeth Brown in Murray, Utah. He was one of eight children. Wayne was always tall and thin for his age. He graduated from Jordan High School in 1934. He injured his arm in an elevator door while working as an elevator operator. As a result of this incident, and through great determination, he learned to write and use his left hand. This was one of the most difficult challenges he had to overcome. He was a faithful member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints serving in many callings. Met his sweetheart and married Fern Dansie on August 28, 1946 in the Salt Lake Temple. They were married by Harold B. Lee. They have celebrated 64 years of marriage. For those who knew Wayne, he was the world's greatest gardener. He could grow the largest dahlias, the most beautiful roses, and the tastiest vegetables. His yard was his showpiece. He worked at I & M Furniture for over 30 years as their top salesman. He then worked for RC Willey for a short time and then due to back problems retired at the age of 55. He then remodeled his home and the homes of his family members. He was a natural interior designer. Wayne always had a faithful dog by his side and loved all animals. We would like to thank Melissa Smith, Wayne's home health nurse whom he loved. He couldn't leave this earth without his last shave and kiss from her. We would also like to thank Mary and Tory McDonald for the special care and love shown to Wayne over the last three years. Wayne is survived by his wife, Fern; sister, Dorothy (Lyle) Hurst, six children, Karen (Greg) Cook, Stan (Debby), Pamela (Steve) Lehman, Richard (Debbie), Garth (Machelle), and Mary (Tory) McDonald; 29 grandchildren and 50 great-grandchildren and three more on the way. He was preceded in death by his parents, his siblings Alden, Clell, Kenneth, Grace, Melba and Leila. Marie Bateman (daughter-in-law), and Preslie Quinn (great-grand-daughter). Funeral services will be held Saturday, June 12, 2010 at 11:00 a.m. at the Garden Park Ward, 1150 East Yale Ave (1087 So), Salt Lake City. Family and friends can visit from 9:30 to 10:30 a.m. at the church prior to the service. Interment: Murray City Cemetery. Tributes and messages can be sent to Wayne's family at:

Monday, June 7, 2010


This women had a birthday yesterday on the 6th on June. Brad's grandma Joyce Turner. What a wonderful women this lady is. She has been there for my kids and goes above and beyond. She has some health problems and we hope she sticks around for a very long time. I wanted to get a picture of her to remember her by. You just never know when you might lose a loved one. WE LOVE YOU Grandma Turner. We hope you had the best birthday ever!!!
Ty and Hayden got new beds. Rob made this bed for them and they love it. It has drawers on the side where the stairs are. SO NICE!!!! Now it really opens up the room. I will show you a picture once the room is totally mucked out and looking clean once again.

Memorial weekend. We headed down to the cabin for a day and of course the kids love the ranger rides that Hayden and Shawnee give them. What a nice day it was. Love the sunshine.

Hayden's 6th grade graduation party at the park with all the kids from school. These are his friends left to right Tristen Yates, Jared Heer, Parker Smith, Ethan Issacson and of course Hayden. These boys do pretty much everything together. Can't wait (Yes I can wait it will come to fast) to see what they will look like when they graduate from High School. What a great group of boys.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Crazy month of MAY

YES we went to the zoo again. Not sure what we were thinking. At least the weather was nicer this time around. We went with the cousins. The animals were all out and playing.
Cortlyn had a cheer squad performance. The Lion for UVU picked her up and turned her upside down. Cortlyn was giggling.

Perfect cheer poise. Way to go Cortlyn.

She also had a dance recital. Isn't she so cute. One more thing that she had was a violin recital. We didn't get pictures of that sorry we were in such a rush. We got there and you performed and we left because Shawnee had a dance performance at her school for the dance company.
Shawnee tried out for the drill team at Westlake High and made the team. GO SHAWNEE!!!
Hayden graduated from 6th grade. Next year I will have a child in each school. I am getting OLD!!! Kenzie has mastered the stairs up and down. She had to in order to keep up with the kids. Ty started riding his big boy bike for the first time and he loves it. He doesn't look where he is going so someone has to follow him around. He likes to look at his feet when he rides. I am just glad that May is over but the summer is only beginning and the calendar is already filled with things that really aren't that fun. So hears to a great summer and great weather.