Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Conference Weekend

We headed out to the Little Sahara sand dunes for conference weekend. It was a beautiful day on Friday. The kids played in the sand, four wheeled, laughed with everyone and we ate good food. On Saturday it was a little windy but that didn't stop us from going to Sand Mountain to watch all the crazy people climb the mountain. When we got there we stayed for a couple of minutes and headed back the wind was bad and blowing in every ones face. Everyone decided then to head home. But we stayed and braved the wind and the rain.
Ty riding his four wheeler. His feet don't even touch the floor board. But he is a pretty good rider considering he is only 4 years old.
Drew taking Cortlyn on a three wheel ride wheelie style.
This is what we woke up to Sunday morning. SNOW!!! Yes 4 inches to be exact. We were not very prepared no hats, gloves or coats. But we still made the best of it.
The sand dunes are very pretty covered in snow. Never have seen it like this before. Maybe that's what we get for camping on conference weekend.