Monday, July 26, 2010

24th of July

Foam day in Lehi. They just started this last year. It is a very popular thing to do on the 24th. Here are the kids on the fire truck that was shooting the foam. Gavin, Ty, Wilson and Hayden sat on the end of it. Kenzie, Hayden, Shawnee, Ty, Cortlyn and Kate on the fire truck. As you can see from the foam on Ty that he had a great time. WE got him goggles to put on his eyes. He never did put them on his eyes.

This foam was awesome. It is the foam that they use when they put out the fires on an accident if the car starts on fire. It was up to your knees and then they would go around shooting it in the crowd. The kids were throwing it around, jumping in it and even sliding in it. Hayden really didn't get in the foam he was more of a spectator but loved watching and taking care of Kenzie, who did not like the foam at all. I put her down to stand and she immediately wanted me to pick her up.

I love this picture of the girls. Kate, Cortlyn and Shawnee are posing for the picture. BAM!!!! They never saw it coming. They were covered in foam. hahahaha

Ty was laying down in it and throwing it on me. He would wipe his eyes off on my shorts. Maybe he should have used the goggles. That is what they are for.

Me, Ty and Kenzie in the foam. As you can tell Ty is covered and we are about to get it from behind. Good thing I was paying attention and dodged that one. What a fun holiday we had. We ended it with a bbq with the fam. Homemade oreo ice cream and donuts. Yum love homemade ice cream it is not summer until you have had some. Then we shot up fireworks at the house with Jason, Amy and family and Gr. & Gr. Wilson. So much fun..

Monday, July 19, 2010

Summer so FAR

WOW! We have been a crazy little family this summer. We have been alot of places plus driving kids everywhere that they need to be. We just got back from Whitney Reservoir. This is the camp site we were at. We had our own pond with a couple of beavers,a mother duck and her little ducks 5. We even had a moose that ran by the side of the trailer one evening. The kids were a mess but they had a great time and want to go back.
Shawnee and Hayden rowing the boat out on the reservoir. Hayden is pointing at her saying "Quit goofing off and lets get back to shore." It took them about 45 minutes to get back to the shore.

Cortlyn was brave enough to go all the way in the water. It was a little cold but you got use to it after a little while. The water was so nice. We all got in and went for a little swim. So refreshing!

Ty and Gavin in the water. Ty didn't go any farther than that. He is not a big fan of water.

Kenzie on the other hand LOVES the water. She was playing in the water and eating the mud. Yes she ate the mud. She was so dirty that we had to go clean her off before we headed back. She didn't want to leave. Good thing we went swimming the next day.

Cortlyn hula hooping. She was the champ at this. She went 15 minutes hula hooping with out stopping. She can walk around while doing this and can even do 3 hoops at a time. Maybe we can sign her up for the circus.

Ty was not so good at this. But at least he tried. You got to love the gangsta look with the white glasses and the visor.

Shawnee just being Shawnee. Don't ask me where we got her. These are her 3-d glasses that she got and popped the lens out. What a GOOF!!!

Next adventure was Shawnee went to BDT camp. Which is Basic Dance Training. She is on the drill team. The team goes every year to learn a couple of dances for the year. She had a great time and got to know her team a little bit better. They do a drill down competition. Which is you have to follow the commands that they are calling out and move exactly the way they say. She was top 10 out of over 50 girls. So proud I must say. She is only a freshman. Way to go Shawnee.

This is her team. They received 5 different awards. The best one was most improved team. Way to go Westlake Storm. YOU ROCK!!!!

For the 4th of July we went down to the cabin in Mt. Pleasant. But first Hayden got his braces off after 3 years and doesn't he look so handsome with that smile of his!

Ty wanted his face painted. He loves spider man. The lady was nice enough to put the web on his hand. He was going around shooting his web. It was so cute. Love this kid. He cracks me up.

Cortlyn wanted a fairy painted on her face. A very patriotic fairy but super cute.

The whole fam damily in there 4th of July attire. Brad is such a goof. I guess I know where Shawnee gets it now.

Me and Brad took the kids to the Highland water park. For FHE one night and the kids loved it. The weather was perfect and we all got wet and were very refreshed after. We stopped to get a snowie on the way home. What a nice FHE.
Hayden this summer also went to scout camp at Camp Loll in Wyoming for a week. He had a great time except for the mosquitoes he was covered. The mosquitoes were bad. Everyone had over 20 or more bits. He passed off 2 merit badges. Nice job Hayden.