Monday, March 9, 2009

I have the best 2 year old in the world

I have to admit that I have the best 2 year old there ever was. I don't want you to think that I am bragging, BUT this kid couldn't get any better then this. The reason I say he is the best is because... I asked the kids to set the table and he runs over to the drawer and asks for my help to get the spoons for dinner. He then asks for the napkins. Yes he put then both on the table by himself. He asked with a please help me. There are times that I am unloading the dishwasher and he will come over and start pulling the silverware out and putting it in the drawer. He will put things we ask him to, away. He truly is a great kid. I just hope that this lasts forever. I know wish full thinking but hey it could happen. Life couldn't get any better then this!!!!

Hot Tub

Brad had an idea to let Ty get in the BIG tub. Which is the hot tub. We let the older kids get in all the time, but really haven't let Ty cause it is hot and he really doesn't like warm baths. His water is usually pretty cold. not because that is how I put it but if I put hot water in it he will say too hot. So we put cold in and by the time he can stand it. The water is luke warm. Don't ask me how he can ever stand that. So I was a little nervous to let him get in. We got his feet in and he said it too hot. So we get him in up to the waist he walked around and before we knew it he was loving it. He asks to get in the BIG tub about every night. We don't of course let him every night. Just on the weekend. I think we have got him hooked. Which is nice now Brad has a hot tub buddy.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Spring Cleaning

So I caught the bug to spring clean. I looked at my fridge and went GROSS!!! Spilled milk, bbq spill, butter smudges, and caked on goopy stuff that had been in the fridge for who knows how long. Yes I unloaded my fridge and washed everything. Wow I can see through the glass again and not think to my self, I really need to clean that. WE (meaning Brad and I) just moved Ty downstairs with Hayden. Now I need to explain. Not that we need to move Ty for other reasons but Hayden came to us and asked if Ty could move downstairs with him. Why not his room is HUGE. So we gave him the "You have to clean your room and organize it before he can move down" speech. Well he was all over it. I was at a class and when I got home Ty's bed was moved. Brad and Hayden moved everything down to Haydens' room. SO the only thing I had to do was clean out Ty's room and reorganize Hayden's room and closet so that there was room for everything. That was a pain in the behind. I cleaned out Hayden's dresser. He had 6 drawers on his dresser and he was using three for JUNK! We found a place for all his books that he has read. Made room in the closet for Ty's little stash of clothes and Walla!!! IT is so perfect. The beds match with the colors and everything. It is so cute. Now I have cleaned out Ty's room it is a little empty. It makes me a little sad. I was putting his clothes that don't fit him any more and remembered when he had wore that outfit and thought he is not little anymore. I had a little tear. So anyways back to the story. Don't you just love that dark blue wall. I need some suggestions on what to do with it. At least Hayden keeps his room a little cleaner now that Ty is down there. I think he knows that if he leaves anything out Ty will get it and destroy it. Hayden is a great big brother. They have a special bond that no one can take away. We will just see how long it takes for Hayden to say Ty is in my stuff can he move back to his room now!