Tuesday, July 28, 2009

24th ofJuly weekend

After a wonderful weekend we ended it with a pool party at the outdoor swimmimg pool in Lehi
Deven and Luke at the pool party
Shawnee taking some driving lessons from her dad. Not sure what he was thinking! She is only 13!!!
pretty much everyone going on a ranger ride
Everyone getting ready for the parade to start in Fairview
We had a great weekend. We went golfing with a few minor injuries. I almost backed up the golf cart into the pond. And Julie just about rolled us. I don't think I have laughed so hard. GOOD TIMES!!! The kids went and saw a movie at the drive in. They saw Ice Age 3. Saw the fireworks from the cabin. And pretty much just chilled on the deck while the kids played in the blow up pool. Thanks everyone we had a blast. We missed Adam and his family maybe next time.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

This kid CrAcKs me up

We pull into the drive up. To get some lunch at Subway yesterday. I am getting ready to order and Ty tells me to roll his window up. (Which means roll it down.) So I roll it down and he starts to order for himself. He yells out the window I need a chicken salad. The girl asks what kind of chips and I tell her the Doritos. Nacho kind and Ty yells at her NACHOS..... We pull up to the window and Cortlyn is quietly telling the girl that she is pretty. Ty yells you are pretty. I am just glad they didn't hear him yelling I need a chicken salad. Or maybe they did. We will never know. He makes me smile. It is always fun to have a toddler in the house to remind you that you still are young and can have fun. Love ya Ty bug

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Weekend with Friends

Hayden, Brad and Kenzie chilling in the wonderful weather at the cabin
Everyone teeter tautering. We were trying to balance the teeter tauter it took us a while be we figured out who needed to be switched.
Kate going down the zip line
Lauren swinging
Hayden just being himself. Isn't he so handsome!
Ty swinging in the horsey swing, as he calls it
Todd and Hayden playing a little tether ball. Not sure who won
Shawnee doing a flip off the diving board
Kate and Cortyln getting ready to go down the slide
Everyone at the Drive-in. We saw The Proposal. So cute.We had so much fun with our friends the Panters. Thanks for going lets do it again sometime.

Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July

We had a great 4th of July. We spent it at our cabin. It was a little rainy at times but we had a blast. We rode four wheelers, played with cousins Noah and Olivia for a couple of days before they had to leave to go to their other grandmas. Swam in the blow-up pool. OK so no one really swam in the pool it was to cold. But Sadie loved it and she didn't care that it was a little chilly. The boys went on a camp out, while the girls went out and got some dinner. We went to the Mt. Pleasant parade, and later that night sat on our deck and watched the fireworks display. What a great time we had, even though grandma was in a wheel chair. She broke her pelvis a couple of weeks ago. And Olivia fell and got a nice goose egg and me yes I fell down the stairs. What an idiot I am. Good times, Good times

Tough enough to wear pink!!!

This year for the rodeo they had a new thing. It was called Tough Enough To Wear Pink. We were lucky enough to help sponsor this great cause. Main Street Interiors donated money and at the end of the rodeo Thursday night anyone could help donate and we did really well. We have some great people to help out at a time when money is a little tight. They wanted Brad to be a part of this great cause. Because he himself is a cancer survivor. So our family was..... Tough Enough To Wear Pink.....