Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Kenzie turned 3

 Kenzie turned 3 this year. She wanted a scooter so she could go out and ride with the big kids. She was super excited to get a PINK scooter.
 She wanted a Tangled cake. This was the best that I could come up with.
She got some Tiana Jewelry from her cousin and she was in heaven.

Kenzie loves to wear skirts. We can't go anywhere without wearing a skirt.
She loves to play her little piano and sing Popcorn popping and Do as I'm Doing. She even sets up the primary book with the song.
She loves to listen to her ipod and jam to the music. She knows where all of her favorite songs are and all the words.
She loves to feed the chickens.
She throws a huge tantrum when she is tired and doesn't get what she wants.
Her FAVORITE color is PINK. She has to have the pink plate, pink play dough, pink crayon, pink book you get the picture. EVERYTHING PINK!!!!
She loves to comb my hair but doesn't like her hair to be combed. Good thing it only has to be combed once every 2 weeks.
She loves ring pops and asked for them every time we go to the store.

We are so grateful to have this "Little Muffet" is our home. Not sure what we would do without this fun loving, spit fire, lovable, energetic little girl. We love ya!!!

Sand Dunes

 We headed to the sand dunes for conference weekend. Friday was a gorgeous day. So we headed out on a ride before the weather got to bad. On Saturday the weather was ok. Windy and sunny. But on Sunday it was cold and very windy. I felt like we were in the wizard of oz movie. I was just waiting for our trailer to lift off the ground.
 The kids didn't mind the weather. They practiced going up a pretty steep hill. They all did awesome. This is Cortlyn going up the hill.
 We put Shawnee on her fourwheeler. This fourwheeler you have to shift with you foot. It can be a little tricky but she got it and was off.
 Hayden being a cool dude and always
 Not sure what we were thinking when we let Ty go up that steep hill. But he is as big as the other kids.(NOT) He did awesome until......
He got 5 feet from the top and his fourwheeler couldn't go any more. He was digging a hole. He was a little scared but dad was right there to help him through it. As you can see his little legs aren't long enough to touch the railings on the fourwheeler. In order to start his fourwheeler you have to hold in the hand brake and the start button and push on the gas. He can't reach the hand brake and the start button at the same time so he puts his foot up on the gas and holds the brake and the start button with his hands. It is so funny to watch but he gets it and does it all by himself.