Tuesday, December 28, 2010

One CRAZY month

This month has been a very busy one. It started the week before thanksgiving. We went to Pismo beach for the holiday and the kids loved it. I will post about that another day. Then we started on Drill Competitions. We had 2 in December. They were both on Saturday. If you don't know, competitions last ALL DAY. So there was no time to shop. On top of that Cortlyn had 3 dance performances plus all the wonderful family Christmas parties that we attended. So that might explain why we have been missing from this blog for a while now.Shawnee and her team mates in the drill down. Shawnee did pretty well during this considering this was her first drill down. She lasted longer then most of her team.
This is there kick routine. They got 5th place on this one.
Shawnee in all her dance makeup and fake eye lashes. You can't tell she has fake ones on they look so natural. She has long lashes to begin with. Lucky girl.
This is there Military routine. They are required to do head stands and Shawnee is in the middle. The five girls that you see are the only ones that can hold their head stands the longest. You rock Shawnee. They took 5th place in this dance.
Here is their hip hop dance. They took 3rd in this one. In their dance routine they took 5Th place. They did very well for their first competition of the year. Lets hope they can keep this up and they will take state. Go Westlake Storm. Keep up the good work Shawnee.