Thursday, August 26, 2010

1st day of SCHOOL

I am officially old. I have a child in each school division. Shawnee is a freshman going to Westlake High this year. She is also on the Westlake Storm team (drill team) Where did the time go?
Hayden is a 7th grader going to the new Vista Heights middle school. Look at how tall he has gotten.

Cortlyn is a 2nd grader going to Hidden Hollow. All my kids are growing up too fast. Before I know it Shawnee will have graduated and Kenzie will go to Kindergarten. WOW what was I thinking on that one?

Summer fun

Your awesome neighbors and friends asked us to go out on their boat. The kids had a great time. This is our friend Todd wake boarding. The kids thought that he was AmAzInG doing those fancy jumps.
Shawnee tried her hand at knee boarding. She had a blast.

Cortlyn, her friends Lauren and Kate loved jumping in the water. It was so nice and warm.

The kids loved every minute being on the boat. Maybe next time Hayden will try the knee board. We ran out of sunlight.

Here is TY he had a ball watching everyone wake board and ski. If you look really close at his right eye you can see his bear attack. He has allergies, so his eye was watering and getting a little puffy. He was not about to get in the water. He just wanted everyone else to get in. He even helped push a couple people in.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Bear Attack

Ty woke up yesterday morning with a scratch under his right eye. I asked him what happened. This is what he said....
Ty: A bear attacked me.
Mom: A bear attacked you? What bear attacked you?
Ty: A grizzly bear.
Mom: Wow, are you ok?
Ty: Yeah, I shot him!

This kid eats, sleeps and breaths hunting. I guess he takes after his daddy.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

River Run 2010

We had a blast this year in Jackson. The weather was great not to hot or too cold. The kids got along well and no one got hurt. Thanks goodness.

Luke and Deven posing for a picture. Luke was very content on staying back at camp. He is not one to go on the kiddie run. Ty was happy to be running outside and playing in the dirt with all the kids. The picture here is of Hayden and his friends Joey and Johnny. They slept out under the stars the last night cause the tent was put away. They were huddled in their sleeping bags around the fire that went out around 4 that morning. That does not look comfortable. We headed into Jackson the last day after we ran the river. Which by the way was so cold. The sun was shinning and we thought that we were good to go. About an hour into our run the sun decided to hide behind a huge rain cloud. Yes we got dumped on and the wind was so cold. We were all turning purple from the rain and the wind. The poor girls. Cortlyn, Sarah, Kate and Shaylee were huddled in the bottom of the boat shivering. We kept singing mister sun please shine down on me. And it did. Just as we were getting ready to go through Kahuna. ( the biggest rapid) It shined down on us the rest of the way down the river. It was not the best last run for the year, but it will be the most memorable one.

We got cleaned up and warm and headed in to Jackson to get the kids a little souvenir. Then of course to get our pictures by the awesome antler arch. Yes we are missing 2 people. Can you guess who? Yes it is Shawnee and her friend Ryann. They were shopping. Go figure they are freshman girls and love to shop.

Aren't Allona and my dad so cute? Here we are going on the kiddie run. We took Kenzie down for the first time and she loved it. We had Grandpa Garth, Aaron, Brad, Hayden, Russ, Vicki, Justin(machelle's brother and family) Me, Ty, Kenzie, Cortlyn, Sarah, Kate, Ethan, Ammon, Addelyn, and Eliza. The kids loved it. HAyden jumped in and then pulled Brad in. They went swimming in the river for a few minutes. All the little boys were squirting the water guns. When the run was over the adults went down for a late run.

They ran the river 9 times. Three times in one day some days. They were a little nuts to do it that many times.

Kenzie, Addelyn and Eliza were having a great time on the boat. They are going to be little river rats when they get a little older and can handle the big river.

My camera lens was broke so we didn't get any shots at the Kahuna this year. This is them going through the Lunch counter rapid. We had great company this year. Russ and his family, Mitch and his boys came, plus we always love when grandma Linda joins us. I know that she wasn't feeling her best but she loved being with her family and eating the most wonderful food that everyone prepared. We had some pretty awesome dinners. Deven and Julie made Cafe Rio burritos, Machelle and my dad made pulled pork sandwiches, Aaron and Erionda made a Louisiana style pot of goodness that had potatoes, corn on the cob, beans, shrimp, sausage and chicken it was so good. We just made bbq chicken and cheese potatoes with scones. Deven made for a dessert donuts. They were a hit. This is our camp in a rain storm that came through. Notice the Christmas lights hanging from the canopies. Yes we were trying to be a Clark Griswold. It made it so we could see better and for the bugs to be not so bad. We had a great time. Did I mention that already. But we did and were sad when we had to come home. until next year.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Singing in the Rain

WE had a pretty good rain storm here and Cortlyn thought it would be a great idea to get the umbrella out. You have to know that it was over 90 degrees this day and as soon as that storm hit it was about 70 degrees. So Cortlyn and her friends Lauren and Kate got ready to go outside. Notice their outfits. I am loving the fuzzy boots with shorts look, the Wizard of Oz Dorothy shoes and the shoes that are too BIG. These girls are super cute. They were making me laugh. So I just had to get a picture to remember this day. Kenzie was also loving the rain. She didn't stay outside to long it was getting to cold for her in her "summer" clothes. But bare feet and all she was having a ball walking in the rain. A couple of weeks latter we had another storm that came through. We got pounded hard. It rained so hard that the water was running down our river bed and the water was flush with the bottom of the mailbox and road. It rained enough that Shawnee's window well was full of water and coming in. We had a little water damage on the carpet. No biggie. A couple of the neighbors had there window wells flood as well. It rained for over 45 minutes and I am talking monsoon rain. It was awesome to listen and watch as it came down. I ran out to the trailer to check that all the windows were closed. I was soaked. I had water dripping from my forehead just to get to the trailer it was worse coming back in the house. I was pretty wet. We sure were grateful for the wonderful rain that we did receive. Made the lawn green up a little more.