Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Gingerbread houses

 Kenzie's house. She had the time of her life putting all the candy on her house. She had no help. I think she used all the Nicco's for a sidewalk or driveway.
 Ty did his all by himself too. Can you see the slide that Santa can go down?
 Cortlyn is very creative. Don't you just love her house
 Hayden had a little problem on his. Ty was trying to decorate his house when he pushed to hard and caved in the roof. Hayden being the nice brother he traded Ty. He made a stable with a manger and the whole works.
Gotta love Shawnee's house. She goes all out on hers. Thanks to our wonderful friends the Panters for coming over and having a great time while the kids decorated their houses.

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